Sunday, October 19, 2008


For my fellow programming geeks i need not tell about this annoying keyword. My first experience with this goto was when I went to help one of my non-programmer seniors of mine in his bachelors project (in the year 1999). The task was to convert a legacy piece of software in early version of FORTRAN into C language. This code was full of GOTOs which made it possible for any human to read it. I tried my best to untangle the spaghetti code but failed miserable. So my response was simple GOTO: HELL. I am really greatful to Professor Dijkstra for removing this BadWord.

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Daily Scrum

1) what did i do before today's meeting?

Ans: nothing much as usual....

2) what will i do before the next meeting ?

Ans: i will try to find the answer to the first question again i guess.

3) are there any impediments ?

Ans: i guess the whole project is one big impediment ....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spatial AUTOCorrelation

My professor tried his best to teach this spatial statistics concept to me but unfortunately he could not drive the point home. After five years Ranjeet made me realize that it was as simple as chossing an apple from a basket full of only apples. For people who dont know who Ranjeet is, he is my AUTO driver.
The simple fact that how he picks up another passenger for the same source and destination as mine made me understand what spatial auto-correlation is all about. That puts me in fix. Who is a better teacher ? my professor or Ranjeet ............. It is very simple I guess ....

who better than an Auto driver, can teach about AUTO-Correlation ?.