Saturday, January 31, 2009

Interoperability, SOA and National Integration

It is all about "INTEROPERABILITY" my friends.
when you have different components of a system built in various technologies you will have lot of problems in making an integrated system which is working.

Every Child in India understands it, very well I guess.

There is INTROP issues at every moment in your life once you step out of your house.
They say there are 2 sides to a coin. One can take something positively or negatively.

Just for example if a south indian boy likes a north indian girl, both parties might not go ahead with the marriage simply because of INTROP issues between both the families.

Then SOA ...comes into the rescue.

what it basically means ..either of the parties have to be so well architected that they perform as a webservice which will make possible this integration ...

As they say again there are 2 sides to a coin ...but there is also a third side side which is hidden ..and can be seen only by few of them ..who believe in multi-dimensionality of things.....

When you change the context ..and look at larger issues like National Integration .... you need More Web-services ..... that is SOA components ...

I am a strong supporter of SOA ...... it as some nice philosophy behind it ....

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